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Precise, on time Jig and fixture components.
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Rich manufacturing heritage. Focused on the future.

At Boneham, we have over 100 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of Precision Engineered Solutions. Our components are widely used across advanced industries with a track record of improving efficiency, reducing waste, and ensuring accuracy.

We maintain stocks of over 350,000 drill bushes and 1.3 million dowel pins. We provide next day delivery of standard components when ordered before 2:30pm. Making sure you get the precision tooling solutions you need on time and in full. 

If your advanced projects need Boneham-quality components in special sizes, you can still rely on us to deliver on time, in full. Our engineering team work to high standard operational guidelines to ensure our products are consistent, reliable, and unparalleled in quality. Seeing us maintain AS9100D certification and JOSCAR accreditation.

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Fast and exact precision solutions to meet your aerospace needs. 
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Our reliable inventories and reactive machine capacity are suited to the needs of the automotive industry.
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Large inventories and fast turnaround help motorsport clients perform when it matters.
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Our precision components cover a range of sizes, types, and components, making customers competitive across global industries. 
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What’s the difference between Case Hardening and Through Hardening? 29/02/2024
The properties of the tooling components you use matter. Depending on your application, you might need wear resistant drill bushes or a high strength composite location component, with fracture resistance. Hardening is the process manipulating the properties of your component using temperature. Knowing the difference between through hardening and case hardening is an important part of choosing the right component for your application. This article explores the 2 different types of hardening used in precision engineered components: Case Hardening and Through Hardening.