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Precise, on time Jig and fixture components.
Driving productivity for the aerospace,
automotive and motorsport supply chain.

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BONEHAM | Precision Engineered Solutions

Boneham & Turner Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tooling components and precision engineered components in the UK. With over 100 years experience in the manufacture and supply of Jig Bushes, Drill Bushes, Dowel Pins, Jig & Fixture Parts, Press Tool Components, Shims, Koenig Sealing Plugs, Engineered Pins, Clevis Pins and special components to customer specific drawings.

Boneham & Turner Ltd pride themselves on reacting to customer requirements, maintaining imperial and metric stocks of over 350,000 Jig and Drill Bushes and over 1.3million Dowel Pins. We also maintain stocks of special items made to customer schedules. All this backed up by expert knowledge gained over a long established history ensuring quality across the BONEHAM brand.

Custom Shim Manufacture
Created in-house by our Shimpress Team
Discover Shim Solutions
Clamping and Fixing
Koenig Sealing Plugs
Koenig Flow Control
Clevis Pins
Spring Plungers
Positioning Elements
Standard Shim Packs
Toggle Clamps

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Boneham are key suppliers to Aerospace Industry
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Boneham are key suppliers to Automotive Industry
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General Engineering
Boneham are key suppliers to General Engineering Industry
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Clamp down on a level surface with Spherical Washers 29/07/2022
Spherical Washers, a simple solution from Boneham