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Solutions & Services

UK Manufacturing

Manufacture has been at the very heart of Boneham & Turner Ltd since the company’s incorporation in 1918. The current Boneham Group Manufacturing Centre in the UK specialises in turning, milling grinding and pressing. The facility has the flexibility of operating high productivity technology, as well as manual machines, to offer solutions for small, medium and large production runs. All Boneham branded products are manufactured in house.

Global Sourcing

The Boneham Group’s philosophy is to build a solution to customer requirement. Boneham ensures all customer obligations are met, combining the essential elements that allow our customers to manufacture, or supply products, competitively. Although manufacturing remains the company's core function, Boneham & Turner Ltd have built supplier relationships across the globe, cultivating partnerships which enable the company to offer a diverse range of solutions, taking advantage of high quality and efficient manufacturing alliances.


A global leader in the manufacture and supply of drill bushings, the Boneham brand offers the broadest inventory in the UK of Drill Bushes and Dowel Pins. Utilising the company’s manufacturing facility and global supply chain partnerships, the company has assembled a catalogue of parts essential for the manufacture and assembly of; jigs and fixtures, work holding, composite tooling, hydraulic systems, machine building and press tool assembly.

Individual pages can be downloaded from product pages and the catalogue download area of the site. The catalogue can also be flipped through on the catalogue page.

Internal Inventory

Boneham and Turner offer a value adding proposition at whichever tier of the supply chain the market demands. Inventory at Boneham is tailored to individual customers, maintaining stocking solutions of standard and bespoke components that increase the productivity and efficiency of customers globally.