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Customers and Markets

Over 100 years of precision engineered solutions, manufacturing for some of the most advanced industries during that period. Whilst our quality standards, capacity and product offering make us relevant in most industry sectors, our service levels and experience is know throughout the following industries.


Motorsports development is fast paced. The supply chain supports this development with the fast and accurate supply of components. Our comprehensive inventories and rapid turnaround of none-standard parts inspires customers to keep pushing boundaries. It’s what’s kept us at the pinnacle of the Motorsports supply chain for over 100 years. Boneham components are manufactured for performance, reliability, and quality to strict AS9100D standards and trusted by top teams in the industry.


The automotive industry depends on reliability and flexibility throughout the supply chain. As the industry continues to grow and develop, operational efficiency is becoming increasingly important. OEM’s use Just-In-Time production to remove the need for buffer stock and large warehouse space. This requires the supply chain to adapt to the demands of production lines, improving efficiency and reducing waste. At Boneham, our accurate deliveries, reactive machine capacity, and strict quality procedures have established us as leading suppliers in the industry. With a UK manufacturing centre and partnerships across the globe, we work with companies throughout the supply chain, and OEM’s, to deliver customer-centric solutions with outstanding value.


The aerospace industry works to exact, high pressure demands. This requires tooling manufacturers to produce necessary components to high tolerances and short lead times. At Boneham, growth and development pilot our culture; we constantly monitor and improve our processes. We hold ample stocks of aerospace components, utilise fast track manufacturing techniques, and work to precise limits and concentricity to help our customers advance on leading engineering projects.

General Engineering

The company responds to just-in-time and lean manufacturing with large stocks, fast turnaround manufacture, and comprehensive quality standards, to ensure delivery and excellence is never compromised. There is a commitment across the whole organisation to maintain the synonymous relationship between the Boneham brand and quality. Representatives and account managers work to understand customer requirement, ensuring communication is maintained with MRP and engineering teams, progressing and managing production, and inventories, to best serve the customer.

The Boneham Group continually invests in infrastructure, product development and training to ensure the company is a reliable partner in the supply chain, now and into the future.