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Global Sourcing: Precision Engineered Solutions

The Boneham Group’s philosophy is to build a solution around customer specific requirement. Boneham strives to ensure all customer obligations are met, combining the important elements that allow our customers to manufacture, or supply products, competitively. Although manufacturing is a core function of the company, Boneham & Turner Ltd have built supplier relationships across the globe, cultivating partnerships which enable the company to offer a diverse range of solutions, taking advantage of high quality and efficient manufacturing alliances.

Boneham’s Manufacturing partnerships are ISO audited and approved, often supported by high levels of technical knowledge and inspection processes. All our suppliers are performance managed for consistency and productivity, collaborating to bring to market, market leading solutions to enhance innovation and production efficiency.

Product Partners 

Boneham Metal Products Inc

US subsidiary of The Boneham Group. Distributing and manufacturing American standard solutions

SFC Koenig

Swiss Manufacturer of the Koenig Expander, Koenig Restrictor and Koenig Check Valve. A global leader in hydraulic and engine sealing technology.


A Boneham brand manufacturing ‘Precision Shim Solutions’


A US manufacturer of Gas Springs. DADCO are a pioneer in the development of Gas Spring technology.