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General Engineering and Machine Building

Boneham & Turner Ltd recognises the essential need for exact precision components, covering a wide range of types, sizes and standards appropriate for manufacturers, distributors and OEM’s to compete within the global marketplace. Emerging from a machine building background, Boneham understands manufacturing.

The company responds to just-in-time and lean manufacturing with large stocks, fast turnaround manufacture, and comprehensive quality standards, to ensure delivery and excellence is never compromised. There is a commitment across the whole organisation to maintain the synonymous relationship between the Boneham brand and quality. Representatives and account managers work to understand customer requirement, ensuring communication is maintained with MRP and engineering teams, progressing and managing production, and inventories, to best serve the customer.

The Boneham Group continually invests in infrastructure, product development and training to ensure the company is a reliable partner in the supply chain, now and into the future.