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Brass Shim Pack

260 Half-Hard Brass Shim Pack.

260 (C26000) Brass has the highest formability of all yellow brasses. 260 Brass has high electrical and heat conductivity, as well as, significant corrosion resistance. These attributes make 260 Brass ideal for electronic, heating and plumbing components, shims, washers and fasteners. Brass is an attractive alloy, and as such, is perfect for decorative applications. Shimpress standard brass shim stock comes in 6" x 100" and 12" x 120" in thicknesses from 0.001". Material certificates are included as standard.
  • Half Hard Rockwell 30T 56-68
  • 6" x 100" and 12" x 120" Sizes
  • 0.001" to 0.031" Thicknesses
  • Material Certificate
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