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Boneham Precision Shims

Shim Press

Shims: to Drawing

Shims to drawing and shim material from Boneham & Turner Ltd. Large stocks of shim material and a vast tooling range allow for most shim styles and designs to be undertaken.

  • Rectangular shims
  • Circular or special shaped shims
  • Steel shims, brass, stainless, copper and laminated shims in most metals and materials to specification
  • Thickness range from .001" (0.025 mm) to .125" (3.125mm) dependent on material
  • 3.5mm shim plate available
  • Alignment Shims
  • Holes around a PCD / transmission shims
  • Laminate shim
  • Shim steel available to order & stainless steel shim material in lengths to requirement
  • Rapid quotation and manufacturing service
Laminated shims, also known as peelable shims, are increasing in popularity as the need for reducing operation and preparation times grows ever significant. Precision adjustments can be made without the need for grinding, offering quicker assembly and accuracy when in the field.
All our shim manufacture is carried out in a press shop with highly skilled jig and tool engineers.

Various shim Applications : Pump Shims, Clutch Shims, Shims for Actuators, Brake Shims, Valve Shims, Compressor Shims, Power Transmission Gear Box Shims.

We welcome you to submit your shim drawing by email to, by fax to 01623 445451 or using the drawing upload tool or Shim washer builder tool on the Shim Press site. 

Please remember to give the following details with your Shim drawing:

  • Material Type 
  • Material Thickness 
  • Dimensions (ID, OD, etc) 
  • Quantities or quantity breaks 
  • Delivery Requirements 
  • Any further information you think may assist us in the quotation process.