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Anchor Bushes
A Boneham Anchor Bush is a two-piece assembly consisting of a hardened steel bush with a bore to suit the appropriate drill size and a low carbon steel anchor which is either welded or riveted to the drill template. This anchor bush strap only holds the bush firmly in place and has no influence on location which is obtained from a spigot on the bush machined concentric with the bore. Thus Anchor Bushes can be spaced accurately, when desired, by Jig Boring the template. On many applications, however, marking out and either punching or drilling the locating holes is sufficiently accurate. B&T Anchor Bushes are made in Standard and Corner types and by using a combination of the two various hole patterns as shown in the Boneham & Turner catalogue.
  • Two piece assembly
  • Hardened drill guide with locating spigot that is concentric to the bore
  • Strap can either be welded or riveted (choose rivet type).
  • Standard and Corner types (Multi pattern)
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