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Drill Bushes, Hardened Drill Bushes and Location Bushes for Jigs Serrated Jig Bushes

Drill Bushes and Jig Bushes

Drill bushes are highly accurate guides for drills and reamers. They work by ensuring the drill enters the work-piece straight and with defined accuracy. Drill bushings also prevent drill wondering, chattering, and breaking. In a classic drill bush setup, a jig is located and locked onto the work-piece to ensure repeatable positioning of the drill bushes and resultant drilled holes. Metal bushings lend themselves to primarily drilling applications, but are also excellent for location, alignment and rollers, due to their accuracy. Be it a plain jig bush, headed bushes, renewable bushes, liner bushes, location bushes, anchor bushes or serrated bushes.

We have the largest stocks of standard drill bushes in the UK. All manufactured to BS, ISO, JOSCAR and DIN standards with AS9100D certification. Aerospace and automotive bushes can be manufactured under our aerospace and automotive service programmes.
  • DIN, ISO and BS Standard Bushes
  • Headed, Plain, Renewable and Serrated
  • Handle and Egg Cup Bushes
  • UK's Largest Drill Bush Manufacturer
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