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Dowel Pins - Metric and Imperial Tapped Metric Dowel Pins to DIN7979

Dowel Pins | Plain Dowels and Threaded Dowel Pins

Engineers steel dowel pins are precision hardened and ground parallel pins. Precision dowel pins are engineered to tight tolerance limits, for accurate locating and alignment in drilled and reamed holes. Boneham & Turner offer a complete range of hardened steel, silver steel and stainless-steel dowel pins, with dowel pin material selection dependant on the application.  Types of hardened dowel pins are either plain or tapped, also known as internally threaded or a threaded dowel pin. Metric (mm) or imperial standard measurements to DIN, ISO 8734 or BS 1804. Custom dowel pins to drawing can also be quoted and manufactured to most customer requirements. B&T also manufacture a tapped dowel pin extractor tool in metric sizes M3 – M10 and also to BSW, BSF, UNC, and UNF upon request. All drawings for these items are available in our catalogue. As a UK manufacturer of steel dowel pins and stainless-steel dowel pins, we can manufacture to drawing or specification with traceability, batch control and AS9100 release. Special capabilities include micro-pins.
  • BS 8734 / ISO 8734 A / ISO 8734 B limits
  • BS 8735 / ISO 8735 A / ISO 8735 B limits
  • ISO 2338A / ISO 2338A (stainless)
  • DIN 6325 and DIN 7979
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