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T-slot Nuts for workpiece clamping and fixing Clamping and Fixing

T-slot Nuts are designed to hold work pieces on machine beds with T slots. Used alongside T slot bolts or studs which are they prevent damage to the machine bed. T-slot nuts are extremely versatile. Their hardened nature means they can be used in many  applications where a threaded bolt needs retaining, like between two uprights.

T-slot-nuts are available from M5 to M30 and heat treated to strength class 10. Stainless steel T-nuts available upon request. Specials are manufactured to order. If you would like know our T-slot Nut sizes, go to the attachments in each products description. We offer a collection service where you can pick up your t-slot nuts from our Headquarters in Sutton-In-Ashfield. 
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Blank T-Nuts
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T-Block Tenon
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Rhombus T-Nut
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