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Clamping and Fixing Threaded Parts

Studs, Nuts, Washers, and Bolts for Clamping and Fixing.

A wide range of clamping and fixing elements used in production for workholding, height setting, and fixing. These include levers, spherical washers, spherical seat washers, countersunk washers, clamp nut bolts, swing bolts, and shoulder bolts. All manufactured to the high Boneham and Turner quality standards. Our safety-critical clamping and fixing components, such as lifting eye bolts, are stamped with their certificated number.

Industry favourites: The shoulder bolt

Due to their versatility and ease of use, shoulder bolts are commonplace across several industries, including automotive and aerospace. They are used to secure components onto rods, join two items while allowing them to move relative to each other, and adjust linkages between parts. Also known as shoulder screws or stripper bolts, shoulder bolts have a cylindrical shaft and smooth shoulder, allowing parts to slide along, or rotate around, it. Boneham shoulder bolts are manufactured to ISO 7379 with part knurling for hand tightening.

  • Engineers Studs and Bolts
  • Collar, Fixture and Extension Nuts
  • T-slot Bed Components
  • Clamps and Levers
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Blank T-Nuts
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Eye Swing Bolts
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Eye Nut M6 to M12
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Lifting Eye Bolts
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Engineers Studs
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Ball Pad for Screw Jack
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