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Clamp down on a level surface with Spherical Washers

29 July 2022
Spherical Washers, a simple solution from Boneham

Spherical Washers, leveling washers to align workpieces

Boneham spherical washers are designed to encourage even fastening between parts with irregular alignment. The profile of spherical washers ensures even load distribution whilst creating a level clamping surface to tighten a bolt onto. The top washer (form C) features a convex spherical radius for aligning in the concaved bottom washer (form D). Both spherical washers (top and bottom), when used together, form a male to female type assembly.

The Boneham range of spherical washer’s suit bolt sizes M6 to M56 as standard. Stocked material types are black oxide steel and stainless-steel.

What types of Spherical Washers are there?

Manufactured in accordance with DIN 6319. Spherical washers take the form of a top washer and a bottom washer. These are form C and form D respectively. Each type is available in tough case hardened blackened steel, or stainless steel.

Special requirements 

Out Precision Engineered Solutions team can also look to tailor the part or service to customer requirement. This includes special sizes, materials, surface treatments or large volume stock releases.