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Boneham & Turner chooses Delapena

18 February 2019
Boneham & Turner chose Delapena Honing to partner with and ordered three Delapena SpeedHone EAS machines
Boneham & Turner chose to partner with Delapena Honing when looking to invest in its busy UK honing department. The subsequent order was for three new Delapena SpeedHone EAS machines with Siemens control.

Similar in history, Delapena Honing will also soon be celebrating 100 years since its incorporation and is heavily invested in every aspect of improving surface finish, from feasibility, to specification and new machine manufacture, to special tools and services.

Peter Boneham Explains; “We chose the Delapena SpeedHone EAS because of the machines capability, It’s very easy to set up, operators can be quickly trained with its simplistic controls and it remains a very high precision machine that achieves the tolerances and concentricities that we require for our drill bushes. Another key for us was that the Delapena SpeedHone EAS is a lot cleaner and much safer than the traditional hones you would see in our industry.”

boneham and turner choose delapena group

Boneham & Turner was attracted to Delapena firstly for the efficiencies that the SpeedHone offers, but another key factor was the knowledge that the Delapena team provides through their vast knowledge both on the ground and at their head office in Cheltenham. It is this complete service that lead Boneham & Turner ordering three machines and consignment stock.
“Delapena is a very supportive company,” continues Peter Boneham. “We have a commitment from Delapena in terms of the tooling and helping us continually improve our methods. We also have a consignment stock of tooling that really helps us to manufacture profitably and efficiently.”