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Key Features

  • Heavy duty forged steel jaws
  • Heavy duty forged steel handles
  • Retains rigidity at high forces
  • Anti corrosive zinc plate
  • Copper plated spindles resistant to weld spatter
  • Hardened or stainless steel pivot points
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Toggle Pliers - Forged Steel

Boneham & Turners range of Toggle Pliers have the advantage of a pivoting jaw mechanism to allow a deep working depth to open and close easily when clamping awkward profiles such as angled steel section. The jaw spindle can be pre-set to achieve the optimum clamping distance and pressure which is important in repetitious applications.

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Toggle Plier Size 90Kg
Toggle Plier Size 90Kg
Product Number: TC50350
List Price: £12.75
Your Price £12.75
Toggle Plier Size 159Kg
Toggle Plier Size 159Kg
Product Number: TC50360
List Price: £16.05
Your Price £16.05
Toggle Plier Size 320Kg
Toggle Plier Size 320Kg
Product Number: TC50380
List Price: £24.21
Your Price £24.21