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Koenig MB Series

Key Features

    • Sleeve
    • Stainless and Case Hardened Steel variants
    • Serrated OD
    • HB= 220 in stainless sleeve and HB=180 on case hardened sleeve
    • Stainless steel and bearing steel ball variants
    • Please see the catalogue for the range MB600, MB700 and MB850 series
    • 100% Inspection
    • Batch Traceable

Koenig Expander MB Series

The concept of the MB Series Koenig Expander is that of a pressure/expand principle. Each plug consists of a ball, as the expanding element, and a cup-shaped expansion sleeve. Forcing the ball into the sleeve causes the sleeve to expand outward. The serrations on the outside of the sleeve dig into the base material to provide a secure anchorage. The ball is set when it is flush with or slightly below the top of the sleeve. The top of the sleeve constricts slightly and prevents the ball from coming out.

For more details on the Koenig Expander range and all relevant drawings, please visit Boneham's dedicated Koenig Expander site

The Koenig Expander is a safety critical component and it’s important for our Technical Sales Team to understand your application. Therefore online sales are only available to account customers. Please contact our Technical Sales Team.