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Metric 316 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins

Key Features

  • Precision 316 Stainless Dowel Pins for Location and Alignment
  • 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade) in Soft Condition
  • Diameter is to an m6 Limit and Chamfered Both Ends
  • Imperial Sizes and Alternatives to the ISO Standards Can be Made to Order
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Metric 316 Stainless Steel ISO 2338A Dowel Pins

Boneham & Turners 316 Stainless Steel dowel pins are in marine grade 316 stainless in an unhardened condition (316 cannot be hardened). The dowel pins are manufactured to the same standard and limits as the ISO 2338A dowel pins also manufactured and supplied by Boneham & Turner Ltd. Our 316 stainless dowel pins are ideal for subsea or marine applications as well as food or hygiene applications. Otherwise known as INOX, 316 stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion and staining.

All stainless steel dowel pins are available to buy online, or for large enquiries (1000+) please call our sales desk. We maintain large stocks on a vast variety of dowel pins and always welcome pins to drawing and customer specification.

How to Buy

Please choose the diameter and length of the Dowel Pin you require, before entering a quantity and clicking 'Add to Cart'.

Alternatively call our sales line on 01623 445454 for technical advice

All drawings for these items are available in our catalogue, the Technical Data Tab or in our online published catalogue

Metric 316 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins
Metric 316 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins