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Dowel Pin Extractor Kit

Key Features

  • Head Sizes: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M16
  • Tool is made of Steel and has high durability
From £110.00

The Tapped Dowel Pin Extractor Kit

The dowel pin extractor kit contains the Boneham dowel pin extractor tool which is used to pull dowels from their location hole. The kit includes 7 different metric extractor heads. The tool threads into the extractable dowel pin using the different head sizes and its pulled out using a slide hammer principle. M3 to M16 heads.

How to Buy

Please select the Dowel Pin kit, add a quantity and click 'Add to Cart'. If all you require is a replacement head, then select the head you require on the extractor tool page and add to Cart.

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The Tapped Dowel Pin Extractor Kit
The Tapped Dowel Pin Extractor Kit
Product Number: DPE001
List Price: £110.00
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