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Short Knurled Mould Bush

Key Features

  • Short mould bush 7mm long
  • For use with mould clamp nut
  • -BS for use with standard bolt
  • -BS7 is a H7 tolerance version for use with Dowel Pins
  • Where material thickness requires a shorter bush
From £1.30

Short Knurled Mould Clamp Bush

The Short Knurled Mould Bush is a shortened version of the Knurled Mould Clamp Bush. The short version does not feature a resin groove, but allows for alignment when depth of locating material is at a minimum and a standard length bush is not suitable.

The short mould clamp is available in two versions.

BS: Short version of -B for a fastening bolt

BS7: Machined for a locating dowel pin

8.1mm Short Mould Clamp Bush for M8 Bolt
8.1mm Short Mould Clamp Bush for M8 Bolt
Product Number: GSCL-8MM-BS
List Price: £1.30
Your Price £1.30
8mm H7 Short Mould Clamp Bush
8mm H7 Short Mould Clamp Bush
Product Number: GSCL-8MM-BS7
List Price: £1.70
Your Price £1.70