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T Nuts

Key Features

  • Heat Treated Steel
  • T nut to Quality 10
  • Chemical Blacked Finish
  • T nut to DIN 508
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T Nuts DIN 508 -
Boneham & Turners range of T-Nuts

T Nuts are designed to hold work pieces on machine beds with T slots. Often used in conjunction with T slot bolts or studs which are also available on the site. Though T nuts are designed for use in T slots, their hardened nature allows them to be used in many new and different applications where a threaded bolt needs retaining.

How to Buy

Please chose the T Nut size you require, they may not be in size order. Add a quantity and click 'Add to Cart'.

Alternatively call our sales line on 01623 445454

All drawings for these items are available in our catalogue on the above PDF pages

M5X6 T Nut
M5X6 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0002
List Price: £1.08
Your Price £1.08
M6X8 T Nut
M6X8 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0010
List Price: £1.80
Your Price £1.80
M8X10 T Nut
M8X10 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0028
List Price: £1.53
Your Price £1.53
M10X12 T Nut
M10X12 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0036
List Price: £1.98
Your Price £1.98
M12X14 T Nut
M12X14 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0044
List Price: £3.06
Your Price £3.06
M10X16 T Nut
M10X16 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0366
List Price: £4.76
Your Price £4.76
M16X18 T Nut
M16X18 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0069
List Price: £3.20
Your Price £3.20
M16X20 T Nut
M16X20 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0184
List Price: £7.01
Your Price £7.01
M18X22 T Nut
M18X22 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0242
List Price: £11.22
Your Price £11.22
M20X22 T Nut
M20X22 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0085
List Price: £6.28
Your Price £6.28
M22X28 T Nut
M22X28 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0358
List Price: £23.56
Your Price £23.56
M24X28 T Nut
M24X28 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0101
List Price: £10.72
Your Price £10.72
M30X36 T Nut
M30X36 T Nut
Product Number: TN-0127
List Price: £24.83
Your Price £24.83
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