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NEW Composite Mould Solutions

by Peter Boneham | Jul 04, 2018
Boneham has manufactured a range of solutions for fixing and aligning composite moulds. Specifically designed for composite moulds, these items are now available from stock and manufactured in the UK by Boneham.

During 2018 Boneham and Turner will be increasing their portfolio of Precision Engineered Solutions. Specifically working alongside the advanced manufacturing sector Boneham has manufactured a range of solutions for tooling in composite moulds.

The Knurled Mould Clamp, a Boneham registered design, has been created to work as an assembly or in conjunction with Boneham GS and Drill Bushes to align and fasten composite moulds. The deep serrations and groove create a dependable system for clamping moulds.

Nylon Dowel - Mould Clamps and GS                                 

A range of Nylon Dowels have been manufactured and available from stock in a range of sizes. These dowels are designed by Boneham to be used with GS bushes for location purposes in composite moulds, where traditional dowels are hard to remove or destroy.  Also, in the Nylon Dowel range, Boneham have developed a range of Nylon Dowel pins which have a 260°C melting point, a high service temperature of over 100°C and tensile strength of 65Mpa. These dowels are also self-lubricating aiding the removal of composite flash.