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Boneham Augments Quality Control Capacity

by Andy Lunt | Jun 08, 2017

Boneham augments quality control capacity with a new Keyence IM-6225 instant Image Dimension Measurement System.

Dedicated to quality, The Boneham Group ensure that precision products meet customer expectation first time, carving a reputation for reliable Tier 3 aerospace supply. Having recently Integrated a Keyence IM-6225 into their quality assurance process Boneham and Turner have successfully automated inspection processes for extremely accurate and efficient repetitive inspection.

Boneham QualityBoneham Quality

Where required 100% inspection and historical quality data can be recorded and efficient reporting carried out without causing delays to the delivered component. Measurements are faster, more precise and greater focus is on rapidity without compromising exact compliance.

When customers use Boneham they do so in confidence that quality and service is never compromised, something that has been a core philosophy of the organisation since 1918.

Managing Director Peter Boneham explains “The Boneham brand is focussed on customer-centric solutions. As a company, we focus on improving all areas with the core philosophy of adding value to the delivered solutions we offer. Our aim is to ensure the quality of service provided is equal to the quality of the product delivered. During investment decisions, a benefit analysis is conducted to ensure we are enhancing the solutions we provide to our customers”

Boneham products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 processes with significant onsite inspection and testing facilities. Techniques and processes are continuously enhanced to help support clients manufacturing Innovative fixture solutions, enabling customers to compete in a global market place. Large inventories of aerospace components, and fast track manufacturing processes, help customers deliver leading engineering projects.