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Quality Assured

Boneham and Turner is committed to a policy of manufacturing products for all customers that are fit for intended purpose and which conform to customer and regulatory requirements and standards.

Meeting customers’ expectations for, 


The implementation of this statement is achieved by the commitment of all Directors, Managers and Employees, in the realisation and understanding, that quality concerns everyone and that all stakeholders are involved.

The implementation of this policy is achieved by the use of a Management Quality System that extends throughout the whole of the Company's activities.

The Quality System Procedures ensure quality of product at all stages from, planning, procurement, manufacture, packaging and after sales service. Further to this, the Quality System ensures that defect prevention techniques are employed during the planning and manufacturing process. Thus the system is continuously striving towards total quality and continuous improvement of products and service in unison with customer satisfaction.

The Quality Management System shall meet the requirements of: ISO EN 9100: 2018 (AS9100 rev D and ISO 9001:2015). 

The company is committed to continuous improvement and commitment in improving customer satisfaction; the following quality objectives shall be used as a basis for the fundamental key measurements, to enable improvement of, and manage, risk to integrity of customer satisfaction and the quality management system.

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