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Eccentric Bushings

Key Features

  • Black Oxide Steel
  • H7 OD
  • H8 ID

Eccentric Bushings of Offset Bushings

Designed for use with Side Thrust Pins. The Eccentric bushing position side thrust pins correctly. By using the eccentric bushings, the thrust pin can be positioned very precisely to adapt to the tolerance of the piece to be machined. The Eccentric Bushing can also be used to adjust the position if the pin to differing requirements.

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Eccentric Bushings 6mm
Eccentric Bushings 6mm
Product Number: ECB1
List Price: £21.35
Your Price £21.35
Eccentric Bushings 10mm
Eccentric Bushings 10mm
Product Number: ECB2
List Price: £21.63
Your Price £21.63
Eccentric Bushings 12mm
Eccentric Bushings 12mm
Product Number: ECB3
List Price: £21.15
Your Price £21.15
Eccentric Bushings 16mm
Eccentric Bushings 16mm
Product Number: ECB4
List Price: £28.56
Your Price £28.56