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Slotted Mould Bush

Key Features

  • Mild Steel
  • Chemically Blacked
  • Deep Knurl
  • Compact Design
  • 7mm Long
From £4.28

Knurled Slotted Mould Bush for Composite Moulds

Knurled Slotted Mould Bushes are designed for the mould tool-up process. During the curing process, thermal expansion of the material occurs. If the tool is reliant on rigid fixings, then misalignment can occur between the mould base and edge bar. This can result in scrappage, reworking or timely resetting of location bushes and pins. To reduce these on-costs, a slotted mould bush can be used to allow for natural lateral expansion, preventing misalignment.

When ordering check the size of pin in use and choose corresponding part number. Example: 8mm pin order: CLS8MM

Can be used in conjunction with Boneham pins, bushes and mould clamps

For a greater degree of accuracy see KSL and SL slotted bushes

For CAD files, please contact the technical sales team

Slotted Mould Bush
Slotted Mould Bush
Product Number: CLS8MM
List Price: £4.28
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