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Shoulder Screws

Key Features

  • Other common names are Socket Head Shoulder Screws, Shoulder Bolts or Shoulder Screws
  • BS 4168 / ISO 7379
  • High Grade Alloy Steel
  • 12.9 Hardened Steel
  • h8 Tolerance Shoulder
  • M6 to M20 Threads
  • 25mm to 120mm Lengths
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Should Screws | Stripper Bolt

Shoulder screws or in the press tool industry, stripper bolts, are primarily used to retain two stripper plates in place. The precision tolerance shoulder of a shoulder screw, or bolt shaft, maintains a parallel guide for punches in stripper applications. Hardness increases wear resistance and the socket head allows for the bolt to be removed easily using a Hex Key, for die and tool maintenance or reconditioning.

Shoulder screws are frequently used in engineering applications where accurate rotation is required around the parallel ground shoulder, or an element of alignment is required. Boneham shoulder screws are manufactured to ISO 7379 with part knurling for hand tightening.

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Shoulder Screws M6-M20
Shoulder Screws M6-M20
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